Isnin, 18 Ogos 2008

RPK’s Should Show Us Proof

In another round of BN personalities v. Raja Petra of Malaysia-Today, prominent lawyer Datuk Shafee Abdullah has launched a personal crusade against the infamous Royal blogger who has now run afoul with almost anyone remotely connected to UMNO.

Look, we are no fan of Datuk Shafee, but neither are we against him. His demeanor and brave provocation of such a popular figure as Raja Petra must surely be an indication of how serious he view the scandalous remarks made against him.

We have always maintained that despite what is claimed by Raja Petra, his is NOT the voice of fairness and equality. Logically, wouldn’t the so-called ‘UMNO cybertroopers’ spammed Malaysia-Today? But you don’t see these comments, because RPK censures all negative comments from his blogs.

Therefore, and interestingly, Shafee has taken to state that since RPK and his cohorts are maintaining the exclusivity of the site, and has moderated the contents of the comments, both they and the commentators are liable for defamation.

The logic is there, but as often is the case nowadays when it involves people tied with UMNO, some refused to see it. Just in a case of a letter written in a newspaper that defames another person then both the writer and the editor may be sued for falsely publishing defamatory statements.

It is time, Raja Petra, for you to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The best defense against a defamation suit is the truth. If you have evidence, for this country’s sake, just get on with exposing it.

Unless you’ve motives other than the interest of Malaysians.

Some Supporters Are Just the Same

Unfortunately, partisanship in Malaysia has reached a new low, with PR and BN supporters unable to differentiate fact from fiction. Just as they blindly follow the path of Raja Petra, so they are again blinded to the follies of their own people.

Everything bad that Pakatan Rakyat does MUST be the work of Barisan. Everything’s a conspiracy. This sets a dangerous precedent, especially in the future, if leaders continue to lay blame on others without accepting responsibility.

On the other hand, UMNO must remain cautious. As evident in Permatang Pauh, UMNO is hugely outnumbered. In Ijok it was an even match, with perhaps a few more groups of BN supporters, but now, 5 months after PRU 12, the game has changed. We are the underdogs, fighting for what we believe in.

That is why we are extremely upset to see the behavior of some of our own supporters in Permatang Pauh. Nothing could hurt our image more than some overzealous Pemuda and Puteri lots who should know better than to display behavior that will surely further galvanize support for Pakatan Rakyat.

Now that Pakatan Rakyat is in power in Penang, their supporters’ arrogance has replaced Barisan’s. This should be the time to reflect on our own actions in the past when OUR supporters outnumber the rest. Now that we know how it feels like to be on the other side, we should change for the better and be a little bit more humble.

Let them be the animals they want to be. We should stand up and say – this is a new dawn for UMNO. Be the best that we could be, and God-willing, victory will come our way.


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abe MIE berkata...

itulah kerajaan BUTA. Siapa yang buta tak tahu. Anwar hanya ramal akan menang tapi belum tentu sebab nasibnya ditentukan oleh pengundi bukan penyokongnya yang ramai.

sebab itulah gus dur sokong. abe MIE ada cerita menarik pasal gus dur. JOM

Che Yon berkata...

The fiction of Malaysia Today and the the fiction of Barisan Nasional should be a fiction beaten to a pulp.

Please define victory, Umnodu.