Jumaat, 27 Jun 2008

PKR Paksa Anak Selangor Jadi Ahli?

Former menteri besar Mohd Khir Toyo alleged that his successor Khalid Ibrahim's Selangor government was trying to expand its sphere of control by forcibly recruiting youths into PKR.

selangor adun ceremony 220408 khir toyoKhir was giving his comments to Malaysiakini when asked on his personal appraisal of the present state administrators in conjunction with their 100 days in power.

Students were apparently asked to fill in PKR membership application forms as a pre-condition to receive their study allowance, according to Khir who is now the state opposition leader.

"Prior to the elections, they promised fresh university applicants RM1,000 study allowances but I found out that the students must first fill up PKR membership application forms before they are to receive the money."

Khir was also unimpressed with his successor for they have "not introduced new policies or no new programmes".

Elaborating on his views, Khir claimed that the current state government leaders from the three major opposition parties were in constant infight for greater control and have left state administration in disarray.

"Take for example the local councillors list. It took them three months to sort out the matter and when it comes out, it's less than satisfactory," lambasted Khir.

Khir: NGO reps a hoax

Khir said that the promise of a NGO quota in the list of 288 local councillors was "nothing but a hoax and sweeteners" as these purported former civil servants, resident association leaders, civil group members and professionals turned out to be Pakatan Rakyat party members.

The state government initially promised - in place of local council elections - a 30 percent NGO quota in the 12 local councils in Selangor. However as revealed last week by Khalid, the NGO count was only 25 percent.

The names of the councillors were however not disclosed at the time of the announcement but Khalid promised that their names would be disclosed by each respective local councils.

Khir had previously said that these NGO representatives will not adequately represent the interest of the respective township or city residents.

"The local councillors chosen by the Pakatan state government have skipped police, Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) and bankruptcy checks/ratings and this is wrong," he said.

According to Khir, the checks will ensure councillors have no criminal background and are free of financial complications like bankruptcy.

The former MB also said he will keep the Pakatan state government on its toes and keep a watchful eye on its activities to ensure that they fulfil their election promises to the people.

"I'll keep reminding them to fulfil their election pledges. I can bet you on that," said Khir.

When asked to rate the performance of the Pakatan-led state government Khir had this to say.

"3 out of 10. That's it."

Malaysiakini was unsuccessful in contacting officials from the Selangor government in order to get a response to the comments and information given by Khir.

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