Selasa, 1 Julai 2008

A Conversation About Liwat

I had an interesting discussion with two of my colleagues yesterday. I was called into a room, and was asked directly, “Why is your UMNO doing this?”.

I knew that as an open and proud member of UMNO, this would come up, and I also knew that as an open and proud Malaysian my colleagues, who are from different races, would not feel awkward discussing this with me.

“How could an old man sodomise a healthy 23-year old man?” – uncannily resembling some of the thoughts of people with Phd from renowned Universities.

“Drugs, intoxication, power of influence, love, charmed by the personality and charisma…”, and as I rattle on the possibilities, I could sense a shift in mood. It doesn’t seem so impossible now does it?

Especially if you consider the possibility that it was consensual up till the point Anwar demanded too much from the young man. Sodomy, as it should be pointed out, is a crime regardless whether it was consensual or not.

“But that Saiful boy was pictured with so many UMNO leaders…”

“Yes, so did Anwar…and everyone else interested in politics.” I guess almost all the student leaders in Malaysia would be part of the UMNO conspiracy if you were to put your argument based on pictures taken with leaders.

Let us examine the pictures blatantly shown by Wan Azizah as “proof” of a conspiracy. Did any of the pictures resemble anything other than a young man taking photos with well-known personalities?

I’m sure if the convoluted logic presented by Wan Azizah is applied fairly, then half of UMNO is in cahoots with PKR because they once posed with Anwar Ibrahim. And a lot of Malaysians must be PKR supporters because they took pictures with her and her lovely daughter.

Then I asked them, “If you know someone is a strong supporter of UMNO, why did you allow him to move up the chain and be close to your leader?”. Fishy. Well, today I read somewhere that this was because Anwar wanted to supply false information to UMNO through Saiful.

Glad that this was admitted. And just a question then, what does that have got to do with sodomy? So this Saiful was supplying false info, then suddenly one day he just said, “Heck, let’s just report about me being sodomized!”. Brilliant!

“Sodomy…it’s so embarassing to Anwar and his family you know” My other colleague nodded emphatically.

“Well, are you saying it’s embarassing only for Anwar and his family?” I asked. Because it is SODOMY that we have to consider the truth and veracity of Saiful’s report. If it is indeed just another false report, you could take your pick from hundreds of other offences (bribery for example) that could be easily concocted and proved, wouldn’t it?

Today, the blog of his fiancee was put up by certain blogs. In it, you can see how close they were and how they are looking forward to the marriage. Why risk it?

“Must be Najib because of Altantuya lah…he is powerful…”. Right. You accept a Statutory Declaration by a glory-seeking “savior” but not a Police Report on Sodomy by another man.

This whole Altantuya thing is getting out of hand. It’s like a page out of a cheesy novel. I have my response to the conspiracy theories out there, but it’ll take another entry to complete. Suffice to say, I think that there’s something fishy, but it’s not as elaborate as alleged by some lunatics.

Then the argument shifted to Anwar seeking refuge in the Turkish embassy.

“Kesian him la…now you want to threaten his life”. Thank you again Anwar and Wan Azizah for again shaming Malaysia and Malaysians with your claims which was never and still is not substantiated. Where is this threat?

It is worth remembering that this is the same couple that alleged Anwar was poisoned with arsenic and AIDS (later proven to be untrue). 10 years on, he looked healthier than ever, and according to most account, not showing any signs of that “horrible” back injury that troubled him so much.

Maybe he is truly blessed by God to be one of the few who actually has immunity against AIDS or arsenic poisoning, or it could just be another cooked-up allegation. Wallahualam. But open your mind to that possibility.

And as stated today, the Turkish ambassador never invited Anwar, as claimed by DSAI and his supporters (another lie?). In any case, he must have realised he made a mistake, hence his decision to leave was more of political expediency to protect his image and to prevent another point againts him.

“What point is that?” They were intrigued. Hooked.

“Anwar is supported by foreign elements…”. Rumors have been going around since PRU 12 that Anwar’s tactics, strategies, even campaign materials, are similar to campaigns run by a political party in Turkey to come into power. Some sources have cited the similarity of PR’s campaign with those in other countries supported by powerful campaign strategists from the US and UK. Hey, it’s just rumors.

But Anwar’s act of running straight to a foreign embassy did not go down well with some of his own supporters. If indeed he is innocent, then he must have faith and conviction that his supporters would stand by him in case another ’98 occurred. Unless, of course, he has less faith in Malaysians than he is with foreign countries.

Anwar's Intel from Foreign Countries? - Singapore maybe?
Big Brother protecting one of their own? – The U.S of A today issued a statement that it would oppose any politically motivated investigation or prosecution against Anwar. (Malaysiakini)

“Well, I still believe in Anwar. Please advise your UMNO friends we don’t like this”. Yes, don’t worry my friends. We in UMNO definitely know the consequences of this. We definitely know people will start blaming us. We definitely know our popularity will hit an all-time low.

In fact, we know that if Anwar get arrested today, there would blood on the streets. We know that if anyone from UMNO even mention anything against Anwar, it would be met with increduility and distrust.

We also know that now Anwar has shifted attention away from his Sept 16 deadline for cross-overs. We know that Anwar has managed to draw the attention away from the issues affecting Pakatan Rakyat. We know that SAPP has failed to ignite the cross-over spark. We know Najib’s plan to fight Pak Lah for the presidency, thus uniting UMNO and removing its current Achilles Heel, has to be held back indefinitely because of these new conspiracies.

Because we know these things that we appeal to everyone to allow the police to investigate. We know that even if the police found evidence, it would be considered as planted. We know that this is almost a futile exercise. The only thing we don’t really know is what the heck is going on. UMNO leaders are caught surprised by this turn of events. So why should we risk it all at this moment in time?

If the report is false, WHO GAINS THE MOST?

Malaysiakini Opinion - Who Wins,Who Loses

I smiled at my colleagues. Obviously, they listened. But then one just shrugged and said, “My prayers are with Anwar”. I shrugged too and said, “I pray for the future of Malaysia”. Some people say that's the same thing. Well, I'm not convinced just yet.


Maaflah kerana menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Sekadar nak mengubah juadah hari ini. Penulis ini mengharapkan ahli akar umbi UMNO berpegang teguh dan membuka mata terhadap kebenaran dan ketelusan.

Anwar dikatakan bakal membuat laporan polis terhadap IGP dan Gani Patail. Pada penulis ini, baguslah kalau begitu. Jika dengan pemergian dua karekter ini akan mengembalikan kredibiliti UMNO, silakan. Tetapi pastikan buktinya pun kukuh dan bukan berdasarkan kepercayaan peribadi.

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Mr Belimbing berkata...


Your article is well written. When rational thinking is applied, common sense prevails.

Probably I'll link to your article in my blog @

Keep up the good writings.

amukanmelayu berkata...

terima kasih atas ulasan saudara. sememangnya kecelaruan wujud disini. saya sendri tidak percaya anwar meliwat, dan saya sendri tidak percaya kaitan org2 kanan BN, IGP dan Gani Patail dalam konspiracy ini. Tetapi yg tidak sedap didengar ialah pandangan tokoh2 politik BN sendri yg secara terbuka mengkritik anwar, sekaligus seolah2 memang anwar yg buat. dimanakah profesionalnya para pemimpin. adakah pro hanya kepada sorak dan kritik tetapi gagal mentadbir. janganlah menghukum membabi buta kerana kalau hal2 dalaman BN dibongkar, mungkin hampir semua menteri akan masuk penjara kot. Tetapi mungkin juga tidak sebab isa samad pun cuma gantung keahlian sahaja walau rasuah berjuta ringgit. kecuali kalau peon, tukang sapu, kerani kalau rasuah. mmg penjara lah jawapnya. sebab, bukan org penting dan kroni.
saya bersimpati dengan anwar, bukan sebab kes liwat tapi sebagai manusia, beliau telah djatuhkan maruah dan sebagai seorang Islam, beliau telah dihina. Dan lebih memalukan lagi, yg menghina beliau adalah org yg cerdik pandai, yg rakyat beri amanah untuk mentadbir negara. ini ke yg dinamakan pemimpin???
Menjatuhkan IGP dan Gani tidak akan membawa apa2 makna selagi ketua dan penolong tidak dijatuhkan sekali. kalau semalam paklah ckp yg dituduh akan membuat penafian dengan sinisnya dsamping baju kemeja tidak berbutang diatas ala-ala gangster, kenapa tidak komen apabila najib menafikan yg beliau terlibat? Hehehehe....itu lah rasmi org tua. dah nyanyuk dan mungkin kedangkalan pemikiran itu sendri. Saya berharap biarla cerita ini berakhir dengan baik dan sangat berharap bahwa anwar difitnah dan bukan meliwat. Ya ALLAH, Kau zahirkan kebenaran dan Kau selamatkan mereka yg teraniaya. dan Kau hukumlah dengan seberat2 hukuman mereka yg menganiaya atau menzalimi antara sesama Islam. Amin...

Azrayel berkata...

You pray for the future of Malaysia? You must be joking. UMNO/BN members are some of the most racist bigoted people I have ever met in my life.

This plan to oust Abdullah doesn't stem from him being incapable, it stems from the fact that the old Mahathir cronies and drip down from that has been replaced with new boys in Abdullah's camp.

You don't pray for the future of this nation, you pray for the furthering of your own people, who's lives, don't forget, depend on the backs of the non-Malays you are so inclined to ask to Balik India/China.

It was Tun himself who said that these non-Malays carried the nation on their dues to the taxes.

Malay pride, Malay threat of what? The non-Malays have stayed and fought for years and years and they are still treated like second, nay, third class citizens. They have higher incomes, in some income groups only because they work themselves to the ground.

Kids taking as many as 14 subjects to excel, so they can get a place in uni, parents working day and night to send their kids to school. Through the NEP and every other mangled, misused affirmative action policy, you have made them suffer, and unwittingly created superior workers... while the government civil servantry lies in ruins, suffering from an endemic rot.

Your party, together with MIC and MCA have brought this rubbish on, and all of us suffer together. Malay, Chinese, and Indian, while you guys rape this beautiful country we all call home, to the ground.

Karma is a bitch man. And I hope to God you pray hard. Allah Maha Esa, no? He sees all. Cos I certainly don't remember Him saying anywhere to cause this much discord and enmity to bring wealth to a select few.

Hahaha. :) Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia, UMNO je hilang.

Najmie berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.
Me... Only Better berkata...

azrayel...beautifully said!

...on the money!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Macam biasa...

lari topik la azrayel.

pemerhatidalaman berkata...

mAlaysians are a bit naive aren't they

Kena main dgn semua org.

lisa rinna berkata...

I agree with Mr Belimbing. This is the first time I read a rather rational blog post from UMNO. Kudos on that. I think only God knows what happen.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

melayu yang sokong anwar, rugi. chinese and indians sokong anwar, untung, but if anwar can't 'perform'( heheh... pun intended), then they are screwed, coz mca is very very rich and umno too is very rich, and umno always help mic... so now siapa rugi?

Tanpa Nama berkata...

U write well in english too.